Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jason WIP

Heres the WIP for Jason. At this point Im just blocking things in. Im not too happy with where Im at. My plan is to paint him "naked" and then do costume variations on top. James encouraged me to suggest some type of background...not sure if its working. I am breaking new ground here, but I am struggling a bit. You guys have any suggestions? My bad for not posting a WIP of the shape yet...will post that up soon. Help!!


clockwork art said...

if you are not happy with where you are at try to figure out as soon as possible why. you really want to have fun with the piece so that you get in your zone and become unstoppable. maybe it's the stoic pose that's keeping you from having more fun? maybe it's the composition? try to address that first. anyway i think for a traditional concept it's fine so far. if you would like i can do a paintover to correct some of the things that i might address if i were doing the concept. don't worry about the abstract shape, looks like you have your hands full. nice colors by the way! - Eric Ryan

clockwork art said...

Dude...If you can do a quick paintover Id really appreciate it. Originally, the plan was to flush out the designs with line drawings before I approach the concept painting. So Im gonna go back and stick to the original plan. Thanks. -Eric C.