Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jason Touch Up

K here is the touch up i did. i hope this helps and forgive me if i pointed out something you are already aware of, as i know its still a WIP. the idea's that i wanted to point out were to make him feel like a hero through posing and anatomy as well as give, even a static pose, some weight and motion. let me know if this helps at all. you could take all of this a step further and give him an action pose but sometimes it is more interesting to be subtle. - Eric Ryan

Crap! i managed to save the psd as a jpeg without all of the other layers turned on... damn. so now you will have to just read what i wrote and i hope that's enough. sorry man. i'm gonna go kick myself in the nuts. :(

Jason WIP

Heres the WIP for Jason. At this point Im just blocking things in. Im not too happy with where Im at. My plan is to paint him "naked" and then do costume variations on top. James encouraged me to suggest some type of background...not sure if its working. I am breaking new ground here, but I am struggling a bit. You guys have any suggestions? My bad for not posting a WIP of the shape yet...will post that up soon. Help!!