Sunday, May 27, 2007

Character - James Paick

Hello all,
OK normally I'm an environment guy, but I took a stab at doing a character. This is something I haven't done in quite a while....
more WIP to come

CIRE is Eric backwards...

Here are some of my older works...Glad to be a part of the blog. Looking forward to seeing everyones contributions. Peace

Great start-James Paick

Hey Guys,
The collection of work is fantastic. Now that we have the ball rolling, lets get some new work up =)

Steve Chon signing in....

Wow, first off let me say DAMN!!!! I am overwhelmed with the artwork that is displayed. Here are some oldies that are personal works and I will contribute newer pieces soon. Thanks james for putting this together.

James' WIP and some other new SHTUFF

For my first entry, here is a WIP.........

Some Forced Unleashed Concept Work

Hi this is Stephen again, just posting some paintings linked from IGN's website, that i've done for the upcoming starwars game the force unleashed.

Stephen's Oldies....

Kala - Indonesian Harvester of Angry Spirits (by Eric Ryan)

K here is my post... my most recent piece that I actually like. It was a test for a company that was fun to do. Let's get this party started!!! A big shout out to James by the way for putting in the effort to getting the gears of this great clocktower turning. (Now he just needs to make a kick ass logo :))

James Paick's old stuff

James Paick signing in. Lets share some of what work we have so far so we can get this blog going.

more images to come

the start...

This blog site is dedicated to a few inspiring artists who will be using this site to post personal work. We will be doing regular updates on a weekly basis.
The artists: