Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Medusa speedies-Eric Chiang

I liked the way things went with my Jason thumbs so I approached Medusa in the same fashion. These concepts are very rough need a lot of refinement. I wanted to try something unconventional so I used a cobra hood on a couple of the sketches. Not sure if it works...I think it makes her look egyptian. Let me know what you guys think. Peace~CIRE


clockwork art said...

wow, nice work. good attention to anatomy. i dont mind the egyptian-like hood... i think it could work, and it definitely gives her a more unique silhouette. i think though that the top right one with the stretched and wrinkled face looks pretty sweet. i would like to see that with the arms of the lower left one. i might do something with the arms to make them a little less hydralisk-like but yeah that is my opinion. the other ones seem too similar to each other in design and resemblance of the typical medusa. nice work man. -Eric Ryan

Stephen Chang said...

Very Nice! I'm attracted to the two center designs ( top and bottom ) and both hooded designs!