Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jason Touch Up

K here is the touch up i did. i hope this helps and forgive me if i pointed out something you are already aware of, as i know its still a WIP. the idea's that i wanted to point out were to make him feel like a hero through posing and anatomy as well as give, even a static pose, some weight and motion. let me know if this helps at all. you could take all of this a step further and give him an action pose but sometimes it is more interesting to be subtle. - Eric Ryan

Crap! i managed to save the psd as a jpeg without all of the other layers turned on... damn. so now you will have to just read what i wrote and i hope that's enough. sorry man. i'm gonna go kick myself in the nuts. :(

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clockwork art said...

Thanks Eric...the paintover was very helpful and insightful. I will address the issues you brought to my attention. Thanks a lot man.