Monday, May 28, 2007

Son of the Shape - James Paick

I took a little look at the shape that Mr. Ryan posted up and saw a vehicle of some sorts hidden in the masses of positive and negative shapes. I pulled out what I could and added what I liked......came up with an idea shown below.
A "rusty-tech" sail ship ( still WIP)
ps- now with 3 WIPs, I'll be busy for quite some time. WIll post progress...stay tuned


clockwork art said...

sweet...but is it front 3/4 or back 3/4 or just a side view? keep the art comin' baby - eric ryan

Stephen said...

Like the red sails in perspective... and yeah what eric said :)-Stephen

clockwork art said...

somtimes thats the beauty of sci-fi rusty tech.......
it can for any which way it pleases =)
but in the case its front end is on the right.

clockwork art said...

dude i have a request! finish this piece. it could be pretty sweet in a final state. finish it, finish it, finish it!!! - Eric Ryan