Thursday, May 31, 2007

New stuff-Eric Chiang

Here are some designs for Jason from Greek Mythology. Which one do you like? These thumbs will be followed by line drawings, turnarounds, and a concept illustration. More to come...Peace...CIRE


clockwork art said...

great start on these thumbs. You know which direction i'm pushing. Cant wait to see how they develope.
james paick

clockwork art said...

I'm gravitating toward the bottom one all the way the left and the top second from the left. I would just make sure you nail the Greek weapon and armor look and then exaggerate/embellish from there. Nice work.
Eric Ryan

Autumn said...

I like the top row, second from left and second from the right.

I also like the bottom one on the far left, but I think it looks too big for jason. As I remember it he was more brains than brawn. Just my 2 copper peices.

Stephen Chang said...

I agree with Eric, those are my two choices as well! -Stephen Chang

Anonymous said...

*YAY* i love voting!!! keke...

i'm going to have to say...the two on the left (top & bottom)

good job eric~!! ^^